The rat was born in the seventies out of a need to supply Australia’s best motorcycle racers with riding gear that was as tough as they were. A local alternative to the predominately USA and Euro brands. A chance to customize colours and display sponsors. With designs that reflected the personalities of our best riders and give them the individuality they deserved.

rat racing gear was soon appearing on motocross and motorcycle road racing start lines all over Australia. And the rat was breeding into other forms of extreme action sports. Skating. Surfing. BMX and Speedway. Influencing a generation of adrenaline-infused enthusiasts who were keen to go the rat on the street. rat clothing was action-orientated. anti-establishment. and it belonged to the young people who wore it.

The rat is back.

Just when we need it most - the rat is back to save us. Genuine, original and all yours. In a feral city – go the rat.

Read the full article from Transmoto Magazine by Grant “Goba” O’Brian.